How to attract young travellers to your country? Promote it with the right media (case study)


One of the segments that changed the most with the raise of the internet usage is travelling. In the past, it was almost unthinkable to travel abroad without the service of travel agency. With the internet, the travellers became much more independent. They can book they own flights, tickets, accommodation. Travellers are seeking recommendations, information, reviews, photos or blogs from various destinations in the world. And there we can step in. As media and advertisers.

Austria is more than Vienna

Although Austria is neighbour of Slovakia and you can get to Vienna from Bratislava  in less than an hour, there is much more to be seen beside well known capital. And that is one of the goals of our cooperation with Austrian National Tourist Office, which started in late 2018. The aim of native articles published in our magazine was to show Austria as a country with huge touristic potential during different seasons.

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Different approaches

We chose different ways to promote. The most unusual was a personality quiz. The readers had to answer questions and according to their answers, they got a recommendation for a place worth visiting in Austria. Questions were simple – Do you prefer to ski or snowboard? How long should be your holidays? Do you prefer to go in a couple or with a group of friends?

Another approach we used is a series of tips how to relax during ideal winter holidayWith useful advices, such as turning off your phone, eat well or go to massages, we connected most interesting spots in Austrian mountains.


Thousands of views

Two of the recent articles were based on proximity from Bratislava to interesting spots in Austria, especially in the region of Burgenland. Articles are put together as a series of tips of where to go, of an interesting short trip from Slovakia, for example wellness, castles, nature sights or interesting vineyards and restaurants.

Native articles were successful in terms of visitors with 15,000 average article views. Apart from native content, we also published a series of PR articles of Austria National Tourist Office and created an uniques section which was shown in our front page. The section was named after the hashtag used by Austria – #feelaustria.

Who are we? is an online magazine from portfolio of, the third most visited website on Slovak internet (source: IABMonitor, January 2020). We focuse on various types of young audience – young professionals, singles or couples, young families…

What can we offer?

Travelling is one of the core topics of our magazine, therefore, it is very natural to fit a native article from this field. There are dozens of ways, how to promote a country, with this type of content. It could be personality or trivia quiz about the country, city or specific area. Another option is a series of tips, like we did with Austria. It could be classic reportage or interesting interview with an influencer who visited the area.

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