Actors who turned down iconic roles: They didn’t believe in the movies at first, but today they are beloved classics

Harrisom Ford as Han Solo

Harrisom Ford as Han Solo (Source: Lucasfilm)

#Even actors are only human. This statement also applies to their agents who secure roles for them in films. Sometimes they manage to turn down a bad offer, other times they turn down a good offer. But what if they turn down an offer to play a character that ends up becoming iconic decades later? We present these five actors who made this mistake and probably wouldn’t repeat it.

Robert De Niro – Jack Sparrow (Pirates of the Caribbean)

It could have been De Niro, with whom we would associate the character of the most famous movie pirate. However, Johnny Depp took on the role, and we’re glad because no one could portray this sarcastic character better than him.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus – Mia Wallace (Pulp Fiction)

Probably the biggest career mistake of Julie Louis-Dreyfus‘ life is turning down the role of Mia in Pulp Fiction. Tarantino’s work has become iconic for American audiences and Uma Thurman is often associated with it. Thanks to this role, she could also play another great character, the Bride (Kill Bill).

Matt Damon – Jake Sully (Avatar)

If only Matt Damon knew how successful Cameron’s Avatar would be. Right now, he will be waiting for the release of the second part in cinemas. He was replaced with Sam Worthington. This is the name that’s associated with the highest-grossing film of all time. Don’t forget that the second part premieres in December.

Al Pacino – Han Solo (Star Wars)

Although Al Pacino was already a famous actor in the 70s, mainly because of The Godfather, he refused the role of Han Solo in the timeless Star Wars series. Instead, he devoted himself to shooting mafia films and left science fiction to an equally well-known actor – Harrison Ford.

Hugh Jackman – James Bond (Casino Royale)

Maybe even Hugh Jackman regrets turning down the character of Bond. At the turn of the millennium, Bond movies were just fun action movies, but Casino Royale proved that Bond could also be a serious movie. If Jackman had known, he wouldn’t have given the role to Daniel Craig.

Who do you think made the biggest mistake when they didn’t take the role they offered?