Typicky krásna blondínka: Zmena nastane až keď sa odlíči, uff, to je ale rozdiel!

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#Azda len ženy poznajú, koľko námahy dá vytvoriť dokonalý look, ktorý sa zakladá najmä na bezchybnej tváričke a to hlavne pleti. Podkladová báza, make-up, púder, korektor, líčka….to všetko pomáha nám ženám maskovať rôzne nedokonalosti. Dnešný svet si to ale trošku žiada. Neodpúšťa chyby a krása je častokrát hlavným nástrojom sebaprezentácie.

A i keď z každej strany počúvame to, aká vyumelkovaná je doba, o to vzácnejšie je, ak sa niekto ukáže prirodzeno. Bez make-upu. Nie, teraz nemyslíme to, ak si dievča dá na seba minimálne dve kilá omietok a vyzerá ako čerstvo nalíčená stena, odfotí sa a na Instagram dá hashtag typu #nomakeup, #naturall a podobné srandičky, ktorým už nikto neverí.

Fitness blogerka Beck Lomas na prvý pohľad vyzerá ako žena snov. Krásne blond vlasy, žiarivé biele zuby a postavička, žeby jej nejedna žena závidela.

Na svojom Instagramovom profile, ktorý bohato zásobuje svojimi dokonalými fotografiami dosiahla úroveň 159 tisíc fanúšikov. O niečo viac si ich však získala po svojom odvážnom čine. Ukázala sa tak, ako v skutočnosti naozaj vyzerá. Odlíčená. Už na prvý pohľad bijú do oči bolestivé vyrážky.

THERE ARE TWO SIDES TO EVERY PERSON- and that's okay, but it's something that needs to be shared more often. These days so many girls scroll through their Instagram feed and felt really really crappy about themselves- how do I know this? Because I hear it constantly from my friends, and I do it myself- Naturally, being a woman we compare ourselves to others- our feed is filled with photos of girls with perfect hair and perfect bodies and perfect skin and perfect makeup, and if you're like me, you just feel… regular in comparison, you feel inferior, they make you feel less beautiful- but we do it to ourselves, we will follow these girls because we are addicted to looking at beautiful things, and our mind try's to tell us that they're just absolute unattainable perfection- but let me tell you something, i can confidently say that most of those girls who seem "perfect" on Instagram, don't look perfect 100% of the time- they have a regular side, but they just don't show t. Filters and lighting and good cameras can do amazing things to enhance beauty, and there is nothing wrong with showing that side of yourself, but I believe it's also important to show the "regular side", the side without filters and nice lighting, and without makeup and perfect brows. I love having a "regular" side to myself because it makes me feel human, it makes me feel like me, and I like to be able to show you all the regular me so you can see that the regular me is just like you. I don't like to post ONLY great selfies and pictures where my body looks good- I like to show you all photos from when I'm bloated or having a bad skin or hair day, when I'm sweaty and tired and gross- because this is the real me and I go through all this stuff like any normal girl does. So PLEASE don't feel down about yourself, and don't compare yourself to others. You are gorgeous and you're amazing because you're YOU, and there's so much more beauty in self confidence than there is in trying to be a version of someone else 🌟

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Ahhh those sweaty summer days turning into intense summer breakouts 😅 that's what I'm putting it down to, because it was only a few days ago that I was like "hmmmm, my skin has been good for a little while now, maybe I'm FINALLY growing out of my acne" and then I woke up with the biggest blind pimple you've ever seen, you know, one of those ones you can't even cover up with makeup because they create a friggen SHADOW they're that big 😂 Oh, and he brought all of his friends to the party too, so that's nice. Bahaha I'm beginning to think I'll never grow out of it- ah well, we all have our flaws now don't we? It's something I can't really control so there's no point in letting it get me down- like anything in life, just keep on keepin on, if my biggest problem right now is a few pimples than I really should think myself lucky! But in all honesty, my skin has been so much better lately than it's been in the past couple of years, so that's still a major win in my books 🙏🏼 a few makeup-free swims in the sea and a bit of vitamin D should clear it right up, thank goodness I live so close to the beach 🌊 on another note- let's just all chat for a second about HOW HOT IT WAS TODAY?! Didn't drop below 29 degrees overnight last night and it had already reached 33 by like 9am 😅 welcoming that cool change with open arms this arvo because today was a bloody scortcha. Happy Hump day, hope none of you got sunstroke 😅

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Úff, to je ale rozdiel. Ktovie, akoby zareagoval jej priateľ, keď ju tak prvykrát zbadal. My jej však držíme palce a fandíme prirodzenosti! 🙂

So I wanted a new car for Christmas but instead Santa brought me a huge forehead pimple 😐 maybe it's because I've been eating so much crap over the holidays… 🤔 maybe it's because of all the alcohol at my work Christmas parties… or MAYBE it's just the world giving me a big "F you" just in time for Christmas 😂 at least it will match my beautiful new red Auguste Christmas dress 😂 my skin has just not been very happy lately but I always try to do my best to be happy despite how my skin looks ☺️ it used to get me so down but these days I don't care so much anymore- I used to never even want to leave the house when my skin would flare up, but now I only really wear makeup when I feel like I have to! One of the things that has been great for my skin though is vitamin D! I'm not saying you should get your face burnt, but going a few days without makeup and getting a little sun and fresh air on your face can help so much! Anyway, this post is to just show you guys that there is nothing wrong with skin flare ups and huge pimples and imperfections… whatever it is you are self conscious about… these are things we can't really control and even though they can really suck sometimes, you shouldn't let them kill your confidence! We all have our little imperfections and these are mine!

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Rare photo of me and the cat, because you really cant take a nice photo with this cat. You pick him up and you get about 20 seconds of chill until you're left with a scratched up, bloody arm. I like it though, he's got sass, not like the other kittens who where in his cage who would just sleep all the time- the people at the place we picked him up from nick named him "ninja kitty" because he would just climb the walls and pounce everywhere 😂 Him and Marshall are getting along so well now as well! They play together non stop and you can tell Marshall gets a little over it some times but he's so good with him- they're becoming best friends ☺️ I even caught him grooming Marshall earlier. And he doesn't really have a name anymore either, I wanted to call him Craig but Lindsay doesn't like it, so we've changed his name about 5-6 times since but haven't found one that has stuck so we've just been calling him "the cat"- poor thing is probably so confused! Not to mention Lindsay keeps on referring to him as a "she", so im thinking of just pretending he is a girl and changing his name to Susan or Betty or some kind of Nanna name. Glad he's fitting in so well though, he's becoming a really lovely part of our little family!

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